At Shawnee Trail, we seek to inspire, equip, and assist you to become intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time. Faith@Home exists to create a culture of intentional families by giving you bite-sized, life-season specific resources that will form habits within your existing family. These resources are applicable for all stages of life. Both online and at our Faith@Home center, the following tools are available to help you take steps in growing your God-honoring home:

Pointers: Beginning with eight common topics, Faith@Home Pointers provide a biblical perspective on the most common family seasons and challenges, along with recommended resources and a description of ministries available at Shawnee Trail for additional support.

Idea Cards: Idea Cards make it easy for couples, parents and grandparents to take one small step to become more intentional at home, including marriage date nights, family time activities, connecting with your teen mealtime conversations, movie night chats, etc.

Going Deeper Opportunities: While we believe the home to be the primary place of spiritual formation, the church is an important partner in that journey. That is why Shawnee Trail offers a variety of ministry programs and resources designed to come alongside your family’s faith journey. Resources are listed on Pointers specific to their topic.

Literature resources are available at the Faith@Home center outside the Prayer Room. We request that when you take a book, please write the title on the provided tablet so we can replenish our inventory. Also, any donation you are able to give for the purchase of books is appreciated.