Community Service

Community Service

Join your Shawnee Trail family and find a place to serve in the community! Some of the programs that Shawnee Trail actively participates in to show the love of Christ are listed below. If you have questions or suggestions about Shawnee Trail’s Community Service ministry, please contact Jerrod Gardenhire.

Arms of Hope is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Christian care organization that assists children and single-mother families in need. Arms of Hope’s facilities include Medina Children’s Home (60 miles northwest of San Antonio) and Boles Children’s Home (40 miles northeast of Dallas). The facilities have over 135 years combined experience in comprehensive residential care programs for children. Arms of Hope also reaches disadvantaged children in their own neighborhoods in various communities with its Outreach Ministry programs.

Through its Residential Child Care, Together, College and Career, Right Start, and Outreach Ministry programs, Arms of Hope is committed to providing a safe haven and Christian environment for children and single-mother families by helping them avoid homelessness, poverty, abuse and neglect and by leading them to lives of sustaining and productive citizenship. Their residents attend public school, nearby universities or trade schools and participate in school, church and campus activities.


Mission: Lovepacs engages communities to feed children in need as an expression of Love.
Vision: Communities experience God’s love by serving together to provide food for children in need.

Lovepacs was born out of a shared desire to help children in the community when meals are scarce during school breaks and holidays. Lovepacs works with local school counselors to identify kids in need and to provide those kids with boxed meals and food to meet their physical needs.