Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples of all nations. At Shawnee Trail we look to help fulfill the Great Commission by supporting missionaries and mission efforts locally and abroad. Below are some of the great efforts Shawnee Trail supports. Perhaps you will find a great Kingdom work that you feel called to support.

Great Cities Missions (GCM)

“Sharing Christ with the Latin World.”
GCM serves missionary teams sent to designated cities of Portuguese and Spanish speakers in Latin America. GCM has been sharing the gospel in the Latin world since 1976. GCM has recruited and trained over 30 missionary teams and sent them to major metropolitan cities in ten different countries of the Latin world. Over 300 adults and their children have moved to new countries to tell people about Jesus and plant churches. Using the GCM’s model of recruiting and training, over one hundred congregations now meet and thousands of people now worship Jesus as Savior. GCM minister to missionary team members throughout the entire missionary life cycle from their recruiting to their re-entry in their home culture.

David and July López
David and July are a part of a mission team of 5 families, working with the Suba Church of Christ – on the north side of Bogotá, Columbia. David and the team’s work in Suba began in October, 2012 – with much preparation beforehand. The team members are natives of various countries, and studied together in a four-year program of study in Bible and Ministry. The team members know each other well and have chosen to work together, making them generally more compatible than many mission teams. They are also highly evangelistic and have proved to be very effective church planters. Teams enter with a seven-year plan of work with the goal of leaving a self-sustaining, reproducing, biblically governed church of at least 200 members. The Suba team plans to be there until 2019. Shawnee Trail’s association with David and July López began in January 2014.

Zane & Tae Perkins and children Naomi, Isaac, Simeon, and Enoch
A GCM effort, the church in Providencia opened its doors in 2000. The Perkins have been part of the Providencia mission effort since 2002 and will remain with Providencia as the last full-time missionaries through 2016. In January 2014, the Providencia church began the process and work of planting a new church in Talagante (40-60 miles away). The Providencia Elders asked the Perkins to head the Talagante plant and the Perkins have been working with church members from Providencia to plant the Talagante church. They are training and actively participating in this church plant next several years. Lord willing, the Perkins will continue that work until at least 2020. Shawnee Trail’s association with the Perkins began in September 2013. In the summer of 2013, over 20 people from the Shawnee Trail family spent 10 days with the Providencia church and we hope to continue visiting and serving alongside our brothers and sisters in Chile.

Eastern European Missions (EEM)

Since 1961 EEM has been providing God’s Word to the people of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe in their own languages. For many years EEM found ways to get the Bibles through The Iron Curtain. Then in 1989, God brought The Wall down. Now, EEM provides Bibles and Biblical literature in more than 20 languages to nations of the former Communist Bloc. These materials are provided to individuals, mission churches, campaign groups and other organizations related to the Church that teach God’s Word in former communist nations. EEM also provides Biblical literature to families, children in youth camps, public universities, public schools, public libraries, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and anywhere else Bibles are needed – all free to the recipients. As a veteran in the field, EEM knows the territory, and as sociopolitical governments and the dynamics in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe have changed, so have EEM’s opportunities for reaching people. With the demise of communism and the birth of new freedoms, EEM has been able to gain easier access and is developing new materials and programs to meet the changing needs in the former Communist Bloc.

Mission Upreach

Mission Upreach’s mission is to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus. Then help them become a part of a church in their community that God is using to transform that community. Mission Upreach does this through their medical brigades, DESEO program, Dulce Refugio, basketball workshops, church planting ministries, and more. Mission Upreach is committed to training and equipping men and women in Western Honduras to lead the church and the effort to expand the Kingdom in their communities.

Southern African Bible College (SABC)

SABC’s mission is to is to train local men to preach the gospel to their own people as summed up by Paul in II Timothy 2:2 – “The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” The sole purpose of SABC is to bring Christ to Africa by means of highly trained graduates who are dedicated, well-versed and sound in the scriptures. Eldred Echols, late veteran missionary to Africa, and Al J. Horne, one of the first converts in South Africa, had a joint-dream…to ignite the fires of gospel outreach in that region and beyond. With the Lord’s guidance they formed Southern Africa Bible School (now SABC) in 1966, established in Benoni, South Africa for the mission to “train Africans to evangelize Africa.” Now more than 600 graduates and former students are proclaiming Christ across the continent of Africa. National Africans who know the culture and languages are proven and effective in spreading the flame of Christianity. As Africa’s only accredited Bible College of the Churches of Christ south of the Equator, a vision for growth will result in churches planted, churches strengthened, and darkness replaced with light.

For questions regarding the missions that Shawnee Trail supports, please contact John Davis.