Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry


Shawnee Trail’s youth group includes 6th graders through high school seniors. Our hope and prayer for our students is growing faith relationships with other members and intergenerational activities church-wide. Throughout the year, we have service projects, movie nights, retreat trips, and hangouts.

Youth Group Volunteer Information

Creating intergenerational relationships is an ESSENTIAL part of growing faith and finding an identity in the church, not just building relationships within the youth group and having a good time. We want our youth to develop friendships with church members of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you want to host some teens and teach them an old game, make a pie together, or cheer them on at their game or performance, there’s lots of opportunities to be a mentor for a student who needs your presence in their lives.

We know student’s faith grows and sticks when they are exposed to Christian adults living faithful lives, so the youth group focuses on improving faith relationships with parents and intergenerational members of our church. What does this look like? Life! Check out our Instagram for pictures and info (@shawneetrail_YG)!

Wednesday nights the Youth Groups meets at 6:30 pm at the church building (wear a mask!) for Bible study and discussion about topics that affect students in their daily lives. Usually, about 60 students come to study, worship, and play games with us! We have a lot of activities happening week-to-week in the area, reach out to Ben Hansen if you want info or to get involved ( or 601-278-0463). And, of course, the summers are always full of activities in the Frisco/Dallas area, across the country, and even overseas.

If you are interested in helping with youth ministry, please contact Ben Hansen at (601) 278-0463 or