Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry


Shawnee Trail’s youth group includes 6th graders through high school seniors. Our hope and prayer for our students is growing faith relationships with parents and intergenerational activities church-wide. The goal is for Senior Sunday to be a day where we can celebrate a student who has explored faith, asked and answered big faith questions, and is ready to enter the world and partner with their new church wherever they end up.

This summer our group meets weekly at Frisco Commons Park. Middle school (rising 6th-8th) meets Sundays from 6-8 pm and high school (rising 9th-graduated seniors) meet Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm.

We also have a bunch of service projects, movie nights, retreat trips, and hangouts. For more information, contact Ben (601-278-0463 or

Youth Group Volunteer Information

Creating intergenerational relationships is an ESSENTIAL part of growing faith and finding an identity in the church, not only having a good time with youth group kids. We want our church members to learn names and develop friendships with church members of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you want to host some teens and teach them an old game, make a pie together, or cheer them on at their game or performance, there’s lots of opportunity to be a mentor for a student who needs your presence in their lives.

There are several ways you can help serve alongside our teens. We always need people to help by being a sponsor on one of our trips. Whether you go to camp, Winterfest, or a mission trip your presence is needed. If you are not able to travel, you can serve our youth group by hosting an event at your home, such as a devotional time. If you have a passion for teaching, there are opportunities for that as well. And we also need strong spiritual leaders who are simply there for our students. If you are interested in helping with the youth ministry, please contact Ben Hansen at (601) 278-0463 or

Week 3 bonus challenges

Day 15: You and your family taking a jumping picture. 3 points if everyone is off the ground for the picture! Must include at least one parent if possible.

Day 16: Write an encouraging letter to 3 people in the youth group! One point per letter! Send Ben a picture of the letter folded up with the recipient’s name written on it.

Day 17: Build a fort! Build your most creative fort using pillows, blankets, and other standard fort building materials. The best fort gets 3 points!

Day 18: Self-portrait remake. Choose one of the pictures here of famous self-portraits and recreate it using whatever props you can find at home. 2 points per picture recreated, and the funniest recreation gets 5 points!

Day 19: Cook a meal for your family! You should already be helping out around the house, but you’ll get two points if you send Ben a picture of a meal you prepared for your family (at least one main dish plus one side).

Day 20: Create your own youth group rules video! Make a 30 second to one minute long explanation of our youth group rules (or ones you think should be rules). Film a video of you listing and explaining our standards and normal activities. This video may be used by the group at a later date or before a trip.

Day 21: Share your favorite Bible verse on social media! Let’s spread some positivity! If you don’t have social media, send Ben a video of you reciting the verse. Text Ben after you’ve shared it!

Week 2 Bonus Challenges

Day 8: Saltine cracker challenge! Eat 7 saltine crackers in a minute or less without drinking any water. If you don’t have saltine crackers, ask Ben if your crackers will work as a replacement. You get points for trying, so please don’t hurt yourself!

Day 9: Fastest Spaghetti slurper. Send in a video showcasing how fast you can slurp a spaghetti noddle. Winner will get two completed challenges recorded, everyone else will get 1.

Day 10: Youth Group bring a friend challenge! Invite a friend to come to youth group with us Wednesday night @7 on Zoom. You get 3 points for each friend you bring (friend can’t be a member at Shawnee Trail), and there is no limit to the number of points you can get from this challenge (so bring everyone you know! Text Ben to let him know which friends you invited.

Day 11: Throwback Thursday picture challenge! Find a picture of you as a kid (Halloween, sports team, family picture, etc) and recreate the picture. Bring your outfit and picture to our Zoom time to get 3 bonus points!

Day 12: Trash can trick shot challenge. Throw something away with as much finesse as possible. The most impressive shot gets 3 points!

Day 13: Creative sandwich challenge. Make the most crazy and unique sandwich you possibly can! No points will be given for PB&J or a Turkey sandwich, but you could get points if you find a way to use olives, barbecue sauce, or 

Day 14: 25 Shirt Challenge! Send me a picture of you wearing 25 T-shirts at the same time! You will probably need a partner to help you. The person who puts on the most shirts at once gets 3 points!

Week 1 Bonus Challenges

Get credit for completing these challenges by texting Ben your picture or video proof (601-278-0463). Each week’s challenges must be completed by Sunday at 8pm.

Day 1: Send Ben your team’s new name

Day 2: Add a song and follow the Shawnee Trail Spotify study playlist

Note: You may have to “follow” Ben on Spotify before you can add songs.

Keep the music clean, but all genres are allowed!

Day 3: Best Homemade hazmat suit

Create the most unique, improvised, homemade hazmat suit. *Does not need to function properly*

Day 4: Learn how to juggle

Challenge completed just for trying, Juggle at least 3 items. The person who successfully juggles the most items for 3 straight seconds gets 3 points!

Day 5: Send Ben a picture of your entire team on a Zoom video chat together

Day 6: Penny stacking challenge

–Video how many pennies you can balance on your elbow, and then attempt to catch all of them

–Challenge completed only if you do not drop any when you attempt to catch them. Person who has stacked the most on their elbow will get three points. Everyone else will get one.

Day 7: Card House Contest

Build a card house with at least 3 stories. The card house with the most stories gets 3 points!

Rules and How to Earn Points

Each team can earn up to 2 points per day per challenge. For the daily challenges, text Ben your video or picture results (601-278-0463).

The first-place team splits one free camp entry ($80 per person). The second-place team gets half-off one free camp entry ($40 per person). The third through tenth place teams are entered into a drawing for $100 off camp registration ($33 per person). Money won is good for registering for any Shawnee Trail events!

Ways to earn points:

  1. Comment on the Instagram live devo @ 7 Monday-Friday (@ShawneeTrail_YG)
  2. Attend the daily Zoom hangouts (middle school at 3:45 and high school at 4:15). If you want information on how to join our Zoom hangouts, text Ben (601-278-0463).
  3. Complete daily Bible readings on YouVersion Bible app
  4. Complete Daily Bonus challenges (text picture or video proof to Ben). Each week’s challenges must be completed by Sunday at 8pm.
  5. Like or comment on the weekly YouTube STYGIES Live class video

Final standings

  1. styGALS
  2. M.M.L.
  3. CIS
  4. MRP
  5. J-Walkers
  6. Disciples WINNER
  7. The Dogs
  8. MA’aM
  9. STYG Crusaders
  10. Soggy Biscuits
  11. TIE – The Uniters and Chicken Leg Piece
  12. TIE – Free Points No Scam and Bubba Shrimp
  13. Golden Girls
  14. TIE – The Crew, Ainsley+Lucy+Kenzlee, Ava+Alexa+Kate
  15. Crusty Peach Smoothies
  16. Welch Squad

J-Walkers: Hallie Clark, Hayden Ingram, Chassity Roberts

Team # 2: Ainsley Thacker, Lucy Balentine, Kenzlee Rothenberg

The Crew: Garrett Wilson, Ethan Gardenhire, Izayah Hill

STYG Crusaders: Ty Cooper, Joseph McPeek, Carson Brooks

MA’aM: Marlie Keltner, Addi Parker, Mackenzie Cozort

CIS: Jack Clark, Jake Sparks, Sam Iturrino

Golden Girls: Ellie Cartwright, Kate Mullins, Paxtyn Hoard

styGALS: Madison Mestan, Cara Wilson, Morgan Mestan

The Dogs: Kaitlyn Lakins, Ashley D’Angelo, Tori Grant

M. M. L.: Libby Parker, Molly Housley, Maya Singleton

MRP: Raquel Iturrino, Macy McDowell, Paris Campbell

Chicken Leg Piece: Konner Grant, Connor Jordan, Noah Cozort

Bubba Shrimp: Charlie McDowell, Gabe Floren, Luke Jordan

Welch Squad: Amelia Welch, Claire Welch, Ella Welch

The Disciples: Claire Lakins, Sammy Housley, Audra Cartwright

Soggy Biscuits: Levi Parker, Lucky Singleton, Lathyn Rothenberg

The Uniters: Sheaden Romeo, Colton Conley, Quincy Dimoff

Crusty Peach Smoothies: Ava Stoneman, Kate Young, Alexa Ziaer

Team #19: Ava Rothenberg, Braelyn Potts, Anna McPeek

Free Points No Scam: Keenan Singleton, Davis Rogers, Luke Sparks, Caleb Norris