The mission of the Missions Ministry is to spread the Kingdom of God through supporting mission efforts both domestic and foreign.

Great Cities Missions (www.greatcities.org ) aims to share Christ with the Latin world.  GCM serves missionary teams sent to designated cities of Portuguese and Spanish speakers in Latin America and has been sharing the gospel in the Latin world since 1976.  GCM serves missionary team members throughout the entire missionary life cycle from their recruiting to their re-entry into their home culture.

Shawnee Trail provides annual support to three GCM missionary families:

  •       David & July López in Bucaramanga, Colombia. In October 2012, David & July began working with a mission team in Suba Columbia with the goal of planting a self-supporting church in this northern section of Bogotá.  Shawnee Trail’s support of the López family began in January 2014.  This effort has been successful and in January of 2022, David and July began work on a new church plant in Bucaramanga, Columbia.  Shawnee Trail provides their full support.
  •   Abner & Adriana Perez (children Eliab, Nathan & Cesia) in San Jeronimo, Mexico located in the mountains in Southern Mexico. We initially provided partial support to the Perez family in Huehuetoca. After serving in that ministry for 4 years they felt a calling to return to the town where they were from to grow the church and expand the ministry of Christ to San Jeronimo and the surrounding communities.  Shawnee Trail continues to provide financial support, however, the Perez family no longer falls under the Great Cities umbrella.
  •       Henry & Oralia Duarte in Medellin, Columbia. We partnered with GCM and the Bell Trust to provide full support for this new mission. The mission team consists of 4 families including the Duartes and is a completely new mission in the city of Medellin. This is our first work we supported that we started from the ground floor. The mission began in January 2021 with training and then the teams moved to Medellin in March and April. The work is off to a fantastic start and we are expecting great things from this ministry.
  •       Providing Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela through a GCM mission team in Cúcuta, Colombia. We are helping to provide food and medicine to 250 Venezuelan families that come from 60 different congregations of churches of Christ in Venezuela. These Christians then are able to help other church member and neighbors.  The churches in Venezuela are growing as Venezuelans are turning to God in the midst of their suffering.

Operation Ecuador (http://eqeb.org/eng/) began in 1979 as five North American families arrived in Quito to plant a new church.  Since then, it has blossomed to become a non-profit foundation encompassing several church and para-church ministries which include the Quito School of Biblical Studies (EQEB) and mission teams, Camp Bellevue, and the Kumanii Medical Missions.

  Shawnee Trail recently began partial annual support to two components of Operation Ecuador:

  •       Quito School of Biblical Studies Bi-vocational teams. This program is centered on bi-vocational training alongside Biblical instruction.  The Biblical training and instruction is designed to last three years.  At the same time, the school coordinates training in vocations such as electricians, plumbers, nurses, beauticians, etc. so that graduates can become self-supporting while they are serving in the Kingdom.  After graduation, they return to their home church or go to a new church plant opportunity to provide guidance and leadership.
  •       Rusty & Laura Campbell (children Alex, Stephen, Benjamin & Elizabeth) at Camp Bellevue. Camp Bellevue is located an hour and half north of Quito in the farming community of Tabacundo.  Its purpose is to provide a quality space for the spiritual development of the church in Ecuador and those coming to visit.  Bellevue hosts a variety of outreach efforts during the year including Family Mission Trips, Youth Camps, Seminars, Vacation Bible Schools, after school programs and Christian retreats.  They were also instrumental in multiple church plants in the area.  Rusty and Laura began serving in 2012 as the onsite administrators with the Bellevue Foundation.

Other Mission efforts:  From time to time, Shawnee Trail provides support to individual and/or one-time efforts and opportunities.  The Missions Committee considers these individual requests and makes recommendations to the elders regarding support.

For questions regarding the missions that Shawnee Trail supports, please contact Ken Clutter:   Kclutter@ymail.com or  214-616-4479